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July 29, 2018

Is 2018 a good year to invest property in Malaysia ?

Get the best value and return in property investing in 2018 by mastering real estate investment strategy with Halcyon! It does not matter whether you are the property expert or just a beginner in property investing, 2018 is truly a worthwhile year for you to get the investing drums rolling!


Best real estate strategies worth to ponder upon

Are you fretting about which period of the time is the best to start investing in properties? Do you know which property to invest with somany choices abound? We believe the time of investing is more important than the location of the properties and Malaysia is predicted to start experiencing property blooms in the year 2018. Why is that so? The property market plunged to its worst performance in the year 2016 and is recuperating during the year 2017. As the property outlook goes according to a certain pattern of cycles, the tip of the day is to look more closely at deals starting at 2018, following the right property guide and strategy to get the best investing value for yourself.

Would you be following in the footsteps of others or wait for the property market to undergo another cycle before making the move? Well, you would have to be careful if you have such plan or strategy in mind as the property market will hit its peak period in 2020 and is forecasted to reach a matured stage where a lot of places would have been fully developed and investors start to cool down on their search for new properties. Number of tenants would have also reached a stable level and the price of the properties should experience minimal fluctuating movements.

In a summary:

  • 2016- the worst year of property market performance
  • 2017- the recuperating process starts for property market
  • 2018-2020- Property market in Malaysia will bloom and demand will be high
  • 2025-2030- Property market will reach a mature level where every aspect of the market will stabilise

Other aspects we can delve deeper into is the booming of the second tier property market. Second tier market refers to development projects which is completed some few years ago and should have been on sale 20%-30% lower than primary market. Though one thing to note when searching for these types of properties is the facilities and amenities the location offers. Property gurus often advise on the need to ensure the distance of your home be as near to the city centre as possible due to the high volumes of activities going on so make sure you know what is the purpose of your purchase.

The rail revolution is something that is going to make properties in KL area in Malaysia hike in value. This is also helped by the fact that Tun Razak Exchange, Bandar Malaysia, High Speed Rail from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur are going to make the surrounding population and businesses to multiply. The rail revolution will certainly make an impact and create much more opportunities for investors.

One of the best real estate strategies which is very easy to understand and implement is to engage the services of developers. This will enable greater costs savings and easier financing which proves to be time saving and hassle free as well which will attract more buyers who are willing to pay for a higher price for their homes due to the convenience gained.

Excited to be part of the game? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info and deals regarding your preferred homes!

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